ICBC Valet Certified


We repair dozens of cars in a week and we often get a happy customer who is "driven" to send us a little thank you for our work.  If you would like to leave us a testimonial, please CLICK HERE and drop us a line, or leave a review on our Google Places page.

-Doug Davis, Owner


On Valentine's day I went out to my car to find that a rock had been thrown through my window in a smash and grab.  It was a terrible mess with glass everywhere and a big dent in the door.  I took it in to Perfections and I was in a rental car within 15 minutes and my car was fixed perfectly within 3 days.  Not only fixed, but perfectly spotless.  Wow!

~ Vanessa W. (2003 Infiniti)

I own a classic Porsche and I have trusted Doug at Perfections numerous times to provide expert touch ups. The colour matching has been spot on, right down to the size of the fleck in the metallic paint. I’ve had the front valance and the passenger side door painted and it is impossible to tell that any work has been done. The shop is professionally run and organized, unlike many other autobody shops. Getting the work done on time at the agreed price is much appreciated.

~ Dan Lundgren (1978 Porsche 911)